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Sales Health Checkup


Are you experiencing any of the following problems?

  • Sales have slowed or stopped
  • The phone is not ringing like it used to
  • You and/or your sales staff feeling frustrated
  • Can't seem to compete against the "big guns"
  • Can't seem to compete against the "local" or "low ballers"
  • Unsure where or how to market your agency to increase market share
  • Don't have a management, marketing and sales plan, or one that works well
  • Don't have a salesperson, or one who seems to be working to potential
  • Have reached a sales plateau and are unsure how to proceed

Maybe it's time you had a "sales health checkup"

As owners and/or senior management personnel of an agency, you often tend to get caught up in the day-to-day routine of running your agency. Payroll problems, billing issues, A/R and A/P management, and scheduling issues for assignments and personnel are only a few of the day-to-day issues that tug at your precious time.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, there has been a phenomenon in the security profession that most business owners did not anticipate. In the months immediately following 9/11, most agencies noted a sharp spike in their business, adding to existing security forces, more pre-employment screening and general investigations, etc. However, within the past few years following 9/11 the unexpected occurred that additional business has generally gone away. As they say, "time heals all wounds," and the sense is that many have forgotten the carnage of 9/11. Combined with an unstable economy and war in the Middle East, we are witnessing a time when most businesses are cutting back staff, resources and simply not spending money.

Management, marketing and sales in the security profession is a full-time business, therefore it needs full-time attention to be successful. As noted, most agency owners and senior managers are spending more of their time fighting internal fires than paying attention to growth. All agencies will experience some sort of attrition of existing business for a variety of reasons. It is extremely important in today's economy to stay ahead of the curve by vigorously pursuing new business to maintain and increase your current market share. "If you are not growing, you are falling behind."

What is a sales health checkup?

Kuty and Associates offers various levels of assistance and benefits to assist you in increasing your market share. For example, a sales health checkup can:

  • Provide complete management, marketing and sales audit of your agency.
  • Evaluate current strategies and sales personnel.
  • Evaluate prospect management procedures.
  • Evaluate outside activities relating to sales.
  • Evaluate current management, marketing and sales literature.
  • Evaluate proposal package.
  • Perform management, marketing and sales presentation to all interested staff.
  • Develop strategies to improve market share.

A personalized, on-site evaluation of your total management, marketing and sales functions will be analyzed by the only agency of its type that possesses management, marketing and sales expertise in your profession. At the completion of the site visit, you will receive a detailed report outlining efforts to consider increasing your market share.

This method is the most comprehensive analysis of your current management, marketing and sales posture and can be performed in one and one-half days for most mid-sized companies.

Management, Marketing and Sales presentations
Kuty and Associates also offers personalized management, marketing and sales seminars for your company, as well as state or national associations or trade groups. The seminar, titled "Marketing and Selling Security Related Services, How Building Relationships can Increase your Business," has been presented to thousands of security professionals over the past several years. This program can be tailored to your company or association and performed in-house or as part of a sales sabbatical or conference. The program typically is conducted in a three-hour block; but can be tailored to meet your needs. From plan to execution, it's all right here:

Seven steps to developing and implementing a marketing plan
The value of resource oriented 360 communications with clients and prospects
The value of integrated marketing plans and the sales process
Identify the factors impacting successful selling, especially in a relationship business
Identify your "unique selling propositions"
Strategies to shorten the sales cycle
Kuty and Associates provides you with the benefit of leaning on security professionals with a proven track record in sales of uniformed security, investigations, and electronic security services. Our programs will allow you to concentrate on what you do best, running your business. Why not let us maintain routine contact, evaluate, and encourage your sales staff through our sales mentoring and coaching program? It will leave you with the peace of mind that one of the most important aspects of your business, marketing, is not being overlooked.

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