Security Manager On-Call

A program specifically designed by Kuty and Associates, LLC, "Your Security Consultants"

Like most companies, you probably retain a lawyer to handle your legal needs, an accountant or CPA to handle financial needs and even human resources professionals to handle your personnel needs. Obviously, having experts to routinely call on is essential to your business health.

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001 as well as the war in the Middle East, domestic terrorism as well as workplace violence issues whom do you call on when you experience a security issue or concern? Every company today would certainly like to employ a full time security manager, but for most companies it is not economically feasible. So the answer to the previous question is difficult to provide. Many times executives have no idea whom they can call. They may refer the issue to the local police or a security guard company where they have no prior relationship and only hope the problem will get solved. The fact is, most police agencies do not have the resources to help private businesses and calling a security guard company or a private investigator at random is a “shot in the dark.”

Kuty and Associates, a professional security consulting agency, was founded on the principle of assisting businesses with cost-effective security solutions through our innovative business approach of developing effective, custom-tailored solutions. We can start changing how you approach security and safety within your business. The benefits we provide by offering over thirty years of law enforcement and private security experience make us value-added, not an expense.

How does “Security Manager on Call” work? It’s simple! For a nominal monthly fee you will retain the professional security consulting services of Kuty and Associates. For your monthly investment, you receive

  • Two free hours of security consulting each month.
  • A review of your current CCTV, Access Control and/or or uniform security functions, and recommend how to improve these areas. We can also ease the burden of the time-consuming RFP process for these services by conducting the entire bid process on your behalf.
  • Workplace violence or safety/security awareness programs for your staff or tenants, as well as design of crisis management plans or threat vulnerability assessments.
  • A monthly security related newsletter that you may forward to employees and clients at your discretion.
  • Discounted hourly or daily rates for any additional services you call on us to perform.

So the next time a crisis develops in your workplace, avoid losing valuable time and confusion about whom to call and the worry about whether they will even respond. Through our network of highly professional traditional security consultants and as a valued client of Kuty and Associates, we will respond to your needs in a timely manner.

For a free, no obligation quote for any of the services described above, please Contact Us.

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