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One of the highly neglected areas of a company's marketing strategy is their web site. Do any of these apply to your company:

  • You don't have a web site.
  • Your content is out of date and no longer applicable.
  • Your site still indicates a copyright in the 1990s.
  • Your site does not reflect the right image for your company.
  • You’re unsure where or how to market your site to increase market share.
  • You don’t have a management, marketing and sales plan, or one that works well.

Maybe it’s time you had a "web site checkup"

One of the greatest investments you can make in marketing and advertising is the web. For about the same price of newspaper and TV ads, you can have a web site with great impact. It's available 24x7x365 to everyone with PC access around the corner and around the world. Every email, letter, business card and brochure should be marketing your web site. Anything you hand to a potential client should have a web site address on it.

There's No Substitute for Experience

We have developed a strategic partnership with Hamilton Innovative who is an experienced design firm that believes, like us that ideas and implementations are built upon the client's needs and goals.

Your business is unique! Your products, services and programs differentiate you. All your marketing materials should be tailored to do the same.

Service Highlights and Additional Design Services

  • Complete Design Services for Branding, Print and Web
  • Logos, Company Branding
  • Professional Marketing Presentations
  • Collateral, Sell Sheets, Reports
  • Web Site Review, Analysis and Reports
  • Search Engine Marketing and Benchmark Analysis
  • Design and Development Services
  • Ongoing Web Site Management/Updates (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Web Content Management Solutions
  • Web Site Domain/Hosting Services
  • Web Site Server Statistics and Analysis
  • Email Accounts, Web Mail, Client-Side

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